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Residential / Light Commercial Strength Equipment

Home Gyms

TuffStuff pioneered the home fitness market with the world’s first free-standing home gym.  And today,  49 years after our founding, we’re still committed to building the highest quality home gyms.

All TuffStuff home gyms include a Home Lifetime Warranty for the lifetime of the equipment while owned by the original purchaser and used in a HOME environment. *See Owner’s Manual for details

Six-Pak Trainers

TuffStuff’s #1 selling, patented Six-Pak Trainers have been changing the shape of strength training ever since their introduction in 2008. With a compact, space efficient design, the Six-Pak trainer allows users to perform dozens of exercises and fitness routines.

Transitions between exercises are quick and easy with three convenient cable heights (low, mid, and high).  The “free-flow” handles and 360-degree rotating bench (available on SPT-6X model) provide unlimited functional and strength training exercise capabilities.  The compact and sleek design of TuffStuff’s Six-Pak Functional Trainer is ideal for those interested in full body functional resistance training, without sacrificing a ton of space.

Evolution Series

TuffStuff’s Evolution Series includes the highest quality light-commercial strength equipment available.  With space saving designs crafted from 11-gauge oval and rectangular steel frames, each product in TuffStuff’s Evolution Series is built to last.  The platinum sparkle and cathedral gray accents are applied through electrostatic painting to ensure your equipment looks as good as it functions.

All Evolution Series strength equipment is backed by a Home Lifetime Warranty and Light-Commercial Warranty *See Owner’s Manual for details

Apollo 7000 Series

For nearly three decades, the TuffStuff Apollo Series has been the standard against which all other multi-stack gym systems have been measured. TuffStuff’s Apollo offers versatility.  The modular design allows you to customize a single or multi-station gym configuration.  TuffStuff’s Apollo series is ideal for apartment complexes, recreation centers, personal training studios, and home gyms that require the very best.

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